Scale filter kettle? This cleaning scale

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
When it comes to filter the kettle, I believe you are familiar with, basically we use every day, only need to fill the water electricity, in a few minutes to boil water. But one thing, the filter kettle with long, kettle wall there will be some scale. If we don't keep clear of the scale, will produce harmful substances, affect our health. Filter kettle scale how purify? Here to share a few tips to remove electric kettle scale, allow you to easily remove scale, drink the health of the hot water. 1. Vinegar vinegar is very useful in our everyday life, not only can be used to flavor, also can be used for scaling. First of all, we can add a few tablespoons of vinegar into the water, placed in the water to boil after a period of time, about 1 hour or so, then it is ok to clean. Because the scale of the main component is calcium carbonate and carbonate, etc. , and will react with acetic acid in vinegar, produce water soluble minerals and some of the carbon dioxide gas. Add vinegar, however, not too much, the kettle for 10% of the scale. 2. Baking soda general electric kettle is made of aluminum, at the time of heating kettle, it is easy to form scale, generally we can put a small spoon of baking soda, and then boil off for a few minutes and scale can be removed. Or is the concentration of 1% sodium bicarbonate water about 500 grams, gently shake brush, then scale can be removed. 3. Lemon back we can go to the supermarket to buy some lemon, put it after chop in electric teapot, then add water, such as electric kettle to boil the water, after a period of time, we will open the teapot, found that the inside of the teapot dirt well be cleared away. This is mainly because of lemon citric acid has very good scaling function, this method not only can remove the scale of the kettle is very good, but will also leave a scent of lemon. Above is the secret of finishing for everybody to remove scale, you can go home try oh.
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