Scientific use filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Facility due to the filter of the kettle, and the life, its usage scenarios or many, this article is about the science use filter kettle, and see it together. First, cleaning and maintenance needs regular cleaning scale hot water, the relationship with local water quality has very big, can be used according to actual effect, determine the frequency of cleaning. Methods: first, with 0. 5 litres of white vinegar, soak is more than an hour, then pour out white vinegar, wipe with wet cloth and the lining at the bottom of the kettle, finally bring to a boil and pour out the water, rinse 4-5 After 5 times can be normal use; Secondly, with special cleaning agent, the need to dissolve the detergent with warm water, soak 1 hours, three can repeat the first method, the effect is better. In addition, the pot body part is not can be directly flush, can use wet cloth to wipe, keep dry pot body and a base. Second, pay attention to observe the internal calibration hot water kettle heating will produce phenomenon, inside the kettle has the largest scale line identification, when boiling water must not be more than the line, to prevent water overflow wet pot body or base, to avoid short circuit. Third, introduces general about insulation of heat kettle is double layer design, plus half seal structure, most of the kettle has heat preservation effect, belongs to the natural heat preservation, heat preservation time and indoor temperature has a great relationship. There is a pot with 'heat' function, will see a heat preservation key, when the indicator is in a state of thermal insulation, water to boil after will maintain a certain temperature, to achieve heat preservation, at this point, as long as the electricity, would have been warm. Heat preservation condition, rules of sound kettle, says it is working, belongs to the normal phenomenon.
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