Select filter technique of the kettle, do you know?

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Filter kettle is one of the most common household appliances in our life, so, how to choose filter kettle? A, see material pledge for a family, choose double layer stainless steel, with the function of automatic power outages, triple protection products. In general, stainless steel shell are thicker and look more smooth, beautiful and quality of the products is relatively better. Instead, poor product, uneven polished stainless steel, plastic and stainless steel pot body fit clearance uneven, the plastic parts have burr, scratch. 2, 3 c certification mark brand electric kettle has 3 c certification mark, there is no 'CCC' product certification marks, need not choose. At the same time, when in use, need to take a closer look at the product description and product performance and parameters, to avoid potential safety hazard to you due to improper use. Three, the switch position can power switch on the handle, can also be installed at the bottom of the handle. Switch on the way of low cost, simple structure, but is a bit poor reliability. Switches, must have a steam pipe, cost is higher, advantages of high reliability. Advised to choose the switch of electric kettle is good, stable and reliable, long life. Four, the volume according to their own conditions and actual needs, generally 1 ~ 3 people family can choose 1. 0 l ~ 1。 2 l electric kettle, 2 ~ 4 people can choose 1. Electric kettle, about 5 l can choose 1 of 4 ~ 5 or more people. Around 8 l filter kettle.
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