Selecting filter kettle main consideration of five factors

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Although filter kettle is just a small household electrical appliances, but if you can buy a satisfactory, it will save a lot of trouble. And with drinking water, so can't simply choose, this article mainly choose to share with you the filter kettle main consideration of several factors. Taken together, I think the important mainly has five. If these five factors are basically can achieve expected, it is a relatively convenient filter kettle, of course, there are many factors can reference, also some other factors listed for your reference. Filter of choose and buy of the kettle matters needing attention and main consideration of five factors: 1 + power control, temperature control which is the core component of electric kettle, mainly divided into import and domestic, Britain STRIX thermostat be relatively high-end, and most domestic thermostat is also. In general, the temperature control switch is on the basis of most of the imports, and handle a lot of temperature control switch is domestic. The temperature control of the second is to see whether you need some other function, such as constant temperature, for families with children may need. 2, the function of the filter material of various materials on boiling water kettle impact is not big, but because of some advantages and disadvantages of its own, I have been in the parentheses wrote down the main disadvantage of each material, we can know the roughly. 304 stainless steel ( It's easy to have a scale) The high borosilicate glass, ceramic, etc. ( There is no steel mass anti-throw) Food grade silica gel ( There will be some odor) Stainless steel combined with fluorine resin coating ( Easy exhalation of harmful substances) 3, prevent scalding hot protect is very prone to accidents, in order to beautiful and price, some part of the filter kettle pot body directly using the single metal, such a careless contact burns easily. 4, cleaning it is related to material and filter design of the kettle. For example, are more likely to have scale stainless steel. Of course, it is easy to solve, there is a professional cleaning method. 5, the size of the boiling water voice sound mainly associated with the design of the principle of boiling water and the pot body, this depends on the environment, use of the pot body in the office, for example, the water had better not too loud.
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