Simple and practical filter cleaning methods of the kettle, like new after washing!

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-05
I believe you are met such problems. Due to the influence of water quality, the filter kettle with long at home, it is easy to scale, especially hot pot rarely clean. There are many scale, after a long time can affect water quality, also adverse to human body health! Need to know is that scale is not only including calcium carbonate, also including the bacteria in the water, dust and other components. If unchecked, it could affect their family's health. Many people tried to clean it, but I believe tried knows that a simple wipe doesn't remove the filter kettle scale! If you encounter such a situation that you are in the right way, so how to remove the scale from the filter kettle? Here share with you a few small way! 1. Vinegar + water first deployment of vinegar and water, and proportion by 1:2 allocate, pour mixture solution into kettle, until the kettle full! Open the filter switch of the kettle, let the solution in the water boiled in the kettle for a day, and then poured out, add water to boil to clear. 2. Lemon lemon can remove scale. First of all, prepare lemon, clean and cut into the hot pot, add in the same water, boiled lemonade, after put in more time, pour into lemonade, rinse off water to boil. 3. Baking soda with baking soda can remove scale. In particular, after adding water in the kettle boiling, add the right amount of baking soda, boil, placed after a period of time out. 4. Eggs did not think of, can also go to scale with eggs! First to join the right amount of water inside the filter kettle, and then the eggs gently after the break, put the eggs in the kettle, and then switch on the kettle, boil off the water and then place an hour and finally clean with clear water a few times can! 5. Boiled potato in filter kettle, add a few slices of potato, adding suitable amount of water, after boiling, scale will gradually fall off, once two times the effect is not obvious, cook a few times more! 6. Boiled potato skins to fry the left of the potato skins don't have to throw away, can also be used to scale! First put potato skins in the kettle, and adding suitable amount of water, boil, placed about half an hour. The last throw away potato skins, rinse with water.
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