Small capacity filter kettle which good? Buy what problem need to pay attention to

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-06
Filter kettle is a very useful household electrical appliances, loved by consumers in the market, sales have increased year by year. Ordinary filter kettle bulky, inconvenient to carry and move. Now there is a small capacity of filter kettle, more compact, convenient to take. Small capacity filter kettle which good? Buy need to pay attention to what issues? 1. Filter the kettle has a capacity of 2. The filter material 3 of the kettle. Filter the noise of the kettle 4. Filter design 5 of the kettle. Other function main buyer can choose their own demand from these points. So how to choose? There are some specific choice. The choice of a, capacity. 1. If it is mainly used for making tea, it is recommended that the purchase of small capacity filter kettle. Water is a little, short boiling time, tea need to frequently use hot water. 2. Family of 4 people use to drink water, it is recommended that the purchase of large capacity filter kettle, cooperate with insulation filter kettle. Pay attention to buy capacity, water shall not be more than or less than the minimum scale line. Second, the filter material of the kettle. 1. Advised to choose a 304 stainless steel or high borosilicate glass material, need to check if there is a safety qualified marks when buying. 2. Choose seamless tank, seamless integration to prevent leakage. 3. Outer requires anti-scald functions, outer layer is plastic can also. Seamless integration, seamless integration, to prevent leaking problem prevent leaking water from three, and the size of the filter the noise and power of the kettle. 1. Generally the greater the power, the faster the boiling water, the greater the noise also. If you need fast boil water, high power is preferred, buy can pay attention to the power parameters. 2. But focusing on power at the same time, need relatively quiet. We can pay attention to the tightness of the lid, and whether hot kettle outer insulating heat insulation, sound insulation effect generally will be better. Four, filter kettle design of convenience. 1. Open mode and opening Angle. Button to open obviously far more convenient than the manual open. Big aperture and open Angle, used to hold water easily and quickly. 2. Heating lamp, personally think that is necessary. 3. Spout some exotic flower design will lead to abnormal water, spout front generally have certain radian, too sharp and too pretty, sprinkling water easily. Five, the other functional safety. 1. After steam induction switch: boil water, steam temperature can make the induction switch internal pieces of metal, thermal expansion and contraction shut off the power. 2. Prevent dry heating protection: there is no water in the kettle, is still in the state of electricity, automatic power-off protection 3. The high temperature fuse.
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