Small double prevent hot water heater maintenance knowledge

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Double anti hot hot kettle is almost every family standard, after all, it is convenient and practical. Should be often use however, electric kettle, so inevitably there will be some problems, these problems a lot of people, choose to throw hot water kettle, think it is not expensive. But in fact it is very waste, filter some problem of the kettle ourselves and activities can be repaired. The author today teach you a few action! Question 1: after electrify indicator, but there was no hot water and sometimes filter electric kettle was found after the indicator light is lit, but no water in the heating, hot water bottle and no movement, this kind of situation mostly because the faults or electric heating tube link. Solution: open hot water switch box, look at the internal metal shrapnel deformation, with or without corrosion, and then make a decision whether to replace. Question 2: after electrify indicator light is not bright, met in the heating water and no filter kettle after electrify indicator light is not bright, nor hot water, estimated that many people are directly to filter the kettle 'sentenced to death', discarded directly. In fact, this might be because the problem of electric kettle insulation switch. Solution: you can open it to check, the metal reed have pressure to the switch contact lever, if it is, you can bend it. If the is not the reason to tear open come down to cleaning. Question 3: filter scale too much limestone area, the water inside of the kettle, boil sediment, the more easily. A lot of people watching too much water, electric kettle, worry not clean, affect your health, you will choose to phase out old electric kettle, this situation is very common. Solution: actually this question is very easy to solve, with vinegar and water, and pour into the kettle in the ratio of 1:2, then open it, until it is cool, then pour out, then it is ok to burn a pot of water. Question 4: after the water is boiling, filter kettle will not automatically power filter kettle with for a long time the problem is more often wait until after the water is boiling kettle were still burning, not cut off. If people are not next to look at, is likely to dry up the fire. Solution: find this kind of circumstance, can have a look at whether heat slice deformation, the open filter kettle curved once heat slices. If it's not just look at the see if switch under the connecting rod have clogged up with dirt, lead to a press is stuck. Electric kettle is very cheap now, all kinds of filter kettle brand emerge in endlessly, there are a lot of unqualified or inferior filter kettle product, this kind of inferior electric kettle is very popular in the market. We can't buy this kind of electric kettle, drink boiled out of water must have an effect on health.
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