Song filter bottle use notice _ glass filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
1, the singing sound filter kettle should clean with clear water again, before use to ensure that the heating rods, sound filter clean the inside of the kettle, to ensure that song filter kettle to heat water after drinking quality. Use dry cloth to wipe dry power of contact position, prevent water leakage; 2, song filter kettle heating use, they should not be below the lowest water level, water level within the kettle injection in POTS of liquid shall be at least above 1 - heater, the highest surface 2 cm, also cannot be higher than the highest water level, so as not to burn out hair heat pipe and overflow when the water boils the kettle; 3, use song filter kettle remember to water before electricity, water again after turning on the power supply first, otherwise easy to burn out heaters or so cause dangerous accidents; 4, song filter can only be used for cooking kettle boiled water, it is prohibited to use song filter kettle boiled liquid or other food, otherwise it will corrosion pot body and heaters, damage to the singing sound filter service life of the kettle; 5, song filter of the kettle, usually with a grounding plug should be with grounding pin socket connection. When using, the power plug should be completely inserted into the socket. Always keep singing sound filter power plug and socket of the kettle, the power cord and automatic switching device of dry and clean. Requires the use of a fixed socket, is greater than the rated current value, the rated current value, and need to have a reliable power supply ground wire; 6, add water to pay attention to be careful, don't be splashed outside kettle, easily lead to leakage. Don't open bottle water or rinse with water; 7, use song filter kettle often best to remove the scale on the electric kettle or other besmirch, otherwise affect the thermal efficiency of heater and life; 8, don't repair song filter kettle. In use process, if the equipment damage does not work, don't open the shell for repair by oneself, should send repair shop or the manufacturer of the product for repair. 9, when using the kettle, be careful not to let children touch the pot body or touch the power cord, lest cause burns and other accidents.
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