Stainless steel filter kettle price and buying guide

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-05
With the development of the society, stainless steel filter kettle has now spread to each family. In recent years, plastic and aluminum filter kettle can be popular, but is not safe. Now use the stainless steel filter kettle is safer, more than triple the security Settings. Stainless steel filter automatically after the kettle boil without electricity, there is no water in the kettle automatically power off, so the design more secure. Let us know the specific stainless steel filter kettle. A filter, stainless steel kettle safety design. 1. The first heavy: steam switch, steam switch operation after the water boils, kettle 2 power. The second: dry protection, if the steam switch doesn't work, the water has been burning, the water below the lowest water level or dry, the other a bimetallic strip temperature control operation, power 3 kettle. Third: if not work, the temperature rise, putting the plastic melt temperature regulator, kettle without electricity. Second, the stainless steel filter kettle buying guide. 1, according to their own conditions and actual needs, generally can choose 1 2 ~ 3 people family. 0 l ~ 1。 2 l filter kettle, 4 ~ 5 people can choose 1. Around 8 l stainless steel filter kettle. 2. Carefully check the product logo and instructions, and product performance and parameters, such as company name, address and specifications ( Such as capacity) , model, trade mark, voltage and power parameters, the nature of the power supply, etc. There should be to prevent the misuse of warnings, there should be detailed use method, etc. 3, choose which has the function of temperature control heat preservation stainless steel filter and fast kettle stainless steel filter kettle, some new stainless steel filter kettle with temperature control function, commonly power automatically after boiling water, effectively prevent dry, neglect to avoid accidents. 4, selecting stainless steel filter kettle, can add right amount water electricity try cook, after electrify, the pot body heat, nominal power product heat, which has the function of temperature control products in the power after the water to boil, consumers can choose according to need. 5. When consumer is buying stainless steel filter kettle, must check to buy stainless steel filter kettle for CCC authentication marks. Three, stainless steel filter kettle price reference. Good filter kettle general market price is in 300 yuan of less than, the economy is a few yuan. On the market sales of stainless steel filter kettle, same price difference is very big. Generally appear on the material, material is qualitative different, the price is different also. Stainless steel filter kettle in our daily life has brought great convenience, there are more security for us. When selecting stainless steel kettle, also should pay attention to details. Had better choose stainless steel kettle with temperature control functions. The security more secure. In today's era of electricity, the security is very important. Whether what kind of electrical appliances, we should pay attention to safety when buy.
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