Stainless steel filter kettle scale how purify

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-06
Filter kettle is our household electrical appliances, daily use boiling water quickly is very convenient. However, because a lot of water in the kettle boiling, with the passage of time, would have occurred in the stainless steel pot, stainless steel filter kettle scale how purify? Specific to see below. Stainless steel filter to remove scale method 1 kettle, put some cabinet in a bottle, add in salt water, gently shake out after then. 2, 500 g will be 1% of the soda water or vinegar heating pour into the bottle, shake gently purify. 3, the eggshell breaking into the bottle, slightly into the cold water, plug, hold the neck of the bottle with one hand, another hand to support the bottle around shaking up and down about 20 seconds, flush with water twice. 4, take 200 grams of dilute hydrochloric acid, bottle into a period of time, shaking to remove the scale in the bottle. 5, boil the noodles for pour water left in the bottle for a few minutes and rinse clean with water. 6, get some sun leaves or pumpkin leaves, cut into 3 cm to 4 cm square size pieces, into the bottle, shake a few times with a little cold water, then rinse.
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