Stainless steel filter kettle what the pros and cons

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-30
In recent years, stainless steel filter kettle has become a popular product on the market, because of the boiling water is convenient, fast, safe and was deeply loved by people. However, no matter how much a product is perfect, can't perfect. In this, the authors give everyone what are the advantages and disadvantages about the stainless steel filter kettle! Stainless steel filter advantage 1, quick heating kettle. Heating speed is the most basic requirement of stainless steel electric kettle, so the original heating coil modification for greater fever chassis, it is more beautiful and practical, solved the scale is difficult to clean hole. Second, more effective heating, usually in 3 ~ 5 minutes can burn monohydrate to boiling, also can control the different temperature. Therefore, the heat conduction faster stainless steel tank is more popular. 2, good thermal insulation. British pop strix temperature controller has become many stainless steel filter kettle temperature control of the key components, this unique steam pipe by squeezing out and to control the temperature, the steam boiling to ensure full boil water, and can be thoroughly disinfected. Stainless steel filter is no longer just the kettle boil water tool, is also the tool of storage. 3, strong filtering. Drinking water should be healthy, this is the consensus of all people, so it is necessary to install a few 'safety net' - — Stainless steel filter filter in the kettle. The bottom of the kettle, outlet and other important position can install multiple filters, removal of incrustation, purifying water quality. 4, function fully. Simple water already cannot satisfy the need of daily, stainless steel filter kettle began to popular package type, in addition to the stainless steel filter, kettle and boil tea is special equipment, such as boiling water, tea, coffee and so on without stopping, embodies the care from start to finish. Stainless steel filter faults 1 kettle, stainless steel filter kettle used for a long time will produce scale, therefore remove scale very troublesome, so in use process should pay attention to maintenance. 2, a single color, relatively heavy.
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