Step by step water boiler

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Water boiler using step by step heating principle. Microcomputer control, heating and water automatic operation, continuous, rapid, accurate temperature control, water heating temperature stability, the hot water yield per unit time is three times the ordinary water boiler. Food grade stainless steel tank, 100% qualified drinking water, and no 'mixed water' 'thousand boiling water'. 1, step by step a boiling: true both hot and cold water separation and guarantees a boiling, healthy water boiler: computer type water boiler using step by step a step into the water boiling technology: heating boiling water at the bottom of the step by step again, step by step a completely separate hot and cold water, should have no 'well water and river water. Computer control to ensure that only a boiling, avoid repeated heating; While domestic high-grade 'boiling' water boiler due to the expansion from heating box to thermal insulation by steam box out of the water, quite and countless boiling, can ensure the hot and cold water separation but will boil, countless times of unhealthy. Boiling water boiler of type one by one through the electrode temperature measurement, accurate temperature control, water temperature constant - in 96 99 ℃, can effectively kill the bacteria in the water. 2, continuous forever boiling water: water efficient water boiler: computer type water boiler heating technology step by step a step into the water, water can step by step a step by step into the water after heating, water about 2 - every time 4 l, thus can provide hot water continuously, to avoid the traditional water boiler after a whole box of water to boil water wait time, so under the condition of continuous use, water boiler water efficiency can be as high as 120%, equivalent to the traditional water boiler of 120 l take the water at a time, is the most efficient water boiler. As long as the mouth can meet the water from the boiling water, power or not, is always a boiled water, even if the temperature is low, and drinking water. 3, five heavy AnQuanSan protection: safe water boiler: computer type water boiler use Japan JIS and fire technology standard; Only has the function of electrical leakage protection alarm, electronic temperature control prevent dry, prevent overflow leakage, fire retardant circuit design, shockproof structure and the design of the seal five heavy armor/fire/waterproof safety protection measures; 4, long service life: the water boiler of longevity: water boiler adopts imported food grade stainless steel plate production in barrels, under 100 degrees of water vapor corrosion resistant ability than other water boiler 4 - long 5 times ( See the manual of stainless steel) 。 Thus the service life of the machine body up to 5 - 2-8 years, and ordinary only available For three years. Additional water boiler computer timing heating function can avoid invalid heating, double can prolong the service life of heating tube and the whole machine; , electromagnetic valve, water instead of floating ball valve failure rate greatly reduced, and won't mixed with water. Step by step and heating energy-saving 50 - regularly 60% : energy saving water boiler, water boiler adopts full computer control, with timing heating function, can according to need to set up seven days a week working days plus heat, can be set heating time of the day, avoid night and non-work time heating, the traditional water boiler ( Through the repeated heating thermostat control around the set temperature) Reduce invalid work time by 50%; It adopt heating technology step by step, the maximum to avoid heat loss, the overall than ordinary water boiler energy savings of up to 60%, at 100 l, with boiled water a day 0 per kilowatt-hour. 6 yuan, electricity is about 2160 yuan a year, use a computer to type water boiler energy saving nearly 1300 yuan. 6, ultra-thin wall hanging space: saving water boiler of fashion: computer type water boiler, a wall-mounted design and desktop design two installation, appearance contracted exquisite, elegant, ultra-thin design, can form a complete set of installation, save a space and the beauty is generous.
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