The advantages and disadvantages of ceramic filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Ceramic filter kettle is fired at high temperature. In this kind of filter kettle, added a high-quality temperature controller. Through accurate control temperature, need 100% boiling water. The heating plate used in the ceramic filter kettle is a hidden stainless steel heating plate. When using ceramic filter kettle, peculiar smell not frequent, convenient cleaning. The advantages of ceramic filter kettle 1, environmental ceramic elegant streamline appearance, delicate contracted, luxury generous, elegant quality. 2, concealed stainless steel heating plate, without peculiar smell, specialties of public health, clean and convenient. 3, convenient and quick, only 4 to burn a pot of water 6 minutes, can reach 100 degrees of boiling. 4, use the new thermostat, induction steam control. With automatic cut off power supply when water to boil, dry automatic cut off power supply protection function. 5, 360 - degree rotating power supply is connected to the heating chassis, placed at random, flexible and convenient. 6, classic fire design, creating the atmosphere of the romantic life. Ceramic filter faults of the kettle 1, ceramics are fragile and easy to damage the pot body. 2, the price is relatively expensive.
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