The choose and buy electric kettle careful attention to the point

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
A, see model: electric kettle with ordinary electric kettle, No temperature control device) Type, automatic temperature control electric kettle, automatic filter kettle with pressure water supply device ( After boiling water can be automatically cut off power supply, or automatically insulation) Three, on the market generally as the second kind of kettle. Love often make tea, coffee, milk and so on, family population, less dosage of water is not much, had better choose single or double deck ordinary electric kettle or automatic temperature control type electric kettle; If a large population in the home, need to use boiled water more, can choose automatic or full-automatic electric kettle with pressure water supply device. Than ordinary electric kettle, automatic type or no temperature control device of single, double drum type electric kettle, simple structure, price cheap, easy to repair, but it is not convenient for use, you unplug the power plug after water boiling, cut off power supply; Automatic temperature control type electric kettle, automatic with pressure water supply device of electric kettle, selling price is higher, maintenance is difficult, but after water boiling can automatically cut off power supply, can automatically heat preservation, do not need manual operation and supervision, easy to use, safe and reliable. Two, see electrical performance: the electric kettle is working with water appliances, when the choose and buy should pay special attention to its electrical performance, ensure no leakage. Three, see power connection joint: power connection joints connected with pot body should be reliable, elastic appropriate, flexible installation. Four, the temperature control device, with automatic temperature control device of choose and buy or insulation device of electric kettle, should pay attention to its temperature control is flexible and reliable. Five, see water supply switch: automatic with pressure water supply device of choose and buy electric kettle, should check whether water supply lock switch button flexible, shoulds not be too great pressure, water supply button, the tank cover, pot, etc should be flexible and convenient installation and good sealing performance, etc.
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