The choose and buy filter matters needing attention of the kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Many different kinds of filters on the market the kettle, classification method is very much also. According to the performance, with the thermostat thermostatic filter kettle, there is also a common filter kettle without the thermostat; According to the shape of the container, with oblate filter kettle, single filter kettle and double barrel filter kettle; According to the material, and can be divided into glass filter kettle, stainless steel filter, ceramic filter kettle, plastic kettle filter kettle, etc. Therefore, has many matters needing attention in selecting filter kettle. We need to know more about knowledge filter kettle how to choose and buy. So, how to choose and buy filter water bottle? What matters needing attention when buying? Filter note 1 of the kettle of choose and buy, less population, like the tea, boil water, should choose single or double filter hot kettle. If a large population, water consumption, the best choose and buy fully automatic filter kettle. 2, the automatic filter kettle structure is simple, cheap, but not very convenient to use. Suggest don't buy this type of filter kettle, and choose to buy auto filter kettle. More convenient than the kettle automation, automatic filter kettle, water to boil after don't need to manually pull the plug. 3, remember to add water before use electric kettle, pay attention to the electrical functions, should be paid attention to when buying electrical function, ensure no water leakage phenomenon, if the water leakage, may be an accident. 4, keep in mind that the filter of the kettle heater is better. When buying, can use the hand gently touch the heater, examine its fastness. If there is a loose, suggest not to buy. 5, buy filter kettle with automatic temperature control device should pay attention to safety. Brand must be reliable filter kettle manufacturer, manufacturer information must be complete, otherwise the filter kettle temperature control device is easy to bad. 6, when buying the best water and electricity were verified. Don't allow, home to test after buy, see if there was water penetration. If so, suggest to change another.
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