The correct way of using the filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
A few days ago I boil water in the home, because the Internet is too concentrated, incredibly forgot what gas stove boiling water, when found, water is boiled away and the handle and the spout of the kettle lid has been flashing, firmly decided to switch to filter kettle, and the filter kettle is power, this is what I want, need most, as the economic development of the electric kettle has already started to spread, don't have to stare at when he was boiling drinking water, plug in all done, automatic power when the water is boiling, how convenient! Electric kettle introduction electric kettle, although convenient, but also need to correct use to ensure safe. Below I put the correct way of using the electric kettle do introduction with you - — Electric kettle of method of use: 1, the order is: no matter what time, add water and electricity are first use electric kettle must abide by the principles of the first, otherwise the heater air burn easy to cause the damage of the electric kettle, serious when still can cause fire! 2, water level: when using electric kettle do water must pay attention to the choice of water level, usually need to keep the water level in the area of above heater 3 to 5 mm, this is by far the most important link, ensure the service life of heater can never ignore. 3, water quality: in hard water areas, recommend using softened water after heating. If the home has clean water machine is best to use after purification of water, such not only can prolong the service life of electric kettle, it is good to your family. 4, seal: for electric kettle, sealing and leakage protection performance is very important. After using for a long time, should according to the directions, timely replacement of high temperature resistant o-ring seal ( It is recommended to use the manufacturer) , otherwise once appear leakage phenomenon is easy to cause short circuit fault, etc. 5, special: remember that electric kettle is for water, absolutely not electric kettle do porridge, clay pot soup and boil with other alkali or salt, sugar and other ingredients. Do the results only one - — Heater and pot body is corrosion, electric kettle of use fixed number of year shortened significantly.
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