The experience of using glass filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Glass filter kettle already exists in the market for a long time, but many people still lack of understanding about it. Then, using the experience of glass filter kettle? Although it is safe, but it can be easy to use like a metal filter kettle? In this paper, by the high borosilicate glass filter kettle as an example, from its unique several elements give you answer. Elements, baby supplies level material the so-called glass filter kettle, its material is glass, of course, so what kind of glass filter kettle for the production? Using high borosilicate glass, high borosilicate glass, compared with common glass has good thermal stability, chemical stability and electrical performance. This kind of glass is used in baby bottles, can show that a high security. Many people may ask: glass filter kettle fragile? High borosilicate glass is more resistant to fall, however, if it is in the process of using a fall from a height and broken, it will be as a whole block, so don't worry about hurt yourself. In addition, to consumer's safety and health considerations, the filter from the kettle lid, base, the handle, the material in addition to the high borosilicate glass is 304 stainless steel, safe and reliable, comprehensive guarantee health drinking water. Factor 2, intelligent induction in good condition with high borosilicate glass material, glass filter kettle also no less in terms of performance, convenient to use intelligence. Install the temperature probe and temperature controller, temperature signal can be converted into digital signal correctly, using digital tube display, microcomputer touch technology is free to control water is warm, enjoy healthy life comfortable and convenient. Three elements, blu-ray dancing ideas in addition, the high borosilicate glass not only has its own advantages, also inherited the family of transparent glass window. When boiling water, you don't have to open the lid to see high borosilicate glass filter of the kettle boiling process. High borosilicate glass electric pot is unique, when you turn it on, press the switch on the base, the dream of the blue light will light up, stop waiting for long.
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