The filter kettle general how many watts

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
We should be very familiar with the filter kettle, as an indispensable necessities of family life, filter kettle has entered innumberable families, so to speak. This is because the filter kettle is not only convenient for our life, but also help us save the boiling water on the time and energy. Filter the kettle is very light and easy to carry and move. User use convenient, also can quickly drink clean water, fresh filter kettle general how many watts? Filter bottle points cable filter kettle and wireless filter kettle. Market, there are many types of filter kettle product and brand, consumer is when the choose and buy should pay special attention to filter the power of the kettle. Should pay special attention to the safe use. What is the power of general family expenses filter kettle? Most of 1500 watts, there are 2000 watts, 1200 w, 1000 w, 800 w. 1000 watt power consumption per hour need to calculate the 1 KWH. According to the actual usage and need to buy. For example, 2 - Three people can choose 1. 2 l, 1000 w electric kettle; 4 - Five people can choose one. 8 l, 1800 w electric kettle. Filter rating of the kettle, generally larger, power plugs, sockets, the capacity of the power cord should be appropriate choice. If the rated power of more than 2200 w, should choose larger size of the outlet, in addition, these sockets should be used independently, in order to ensure safety.
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