The filter structure and working principle of the kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-30
Filter kettle is commonly used in the family of small home appliance, most people used it, because it is so convenient, to boil water to drink, is 2 - 3 minutes, and filter kettle dirt cheap, every family can afford them, this is one of the important reasons for the filter kettle so popular. We are familiar with the electric pot, but do we really know how it works? Electric kettle to our feeling is very simple, electric kettle also have heat preservation function, we get together to understand the filter working principle of the kettle. Filter structure and working principle of the kettle electric kettle heating after turning on the power supply, water temperature gradually rises to 100 degrees, the water begins to boil, steam impact switch on bimetallic above, under the action of thermal shrinkage, double metal expansion deformation, press the switch contact to cut off the power supply. If the steam switch failure, will burn until the water of the water in the kettle, the temperature of the heating element will rise sharply, and there are two double metal plate at the bottom of the heating plate, due to the heat transfer temperature rise sharply, expansion deformation, disconnect the power supply. Therefore, the filter of the kettle is very scientific and reliable safety protection device. This is the triple filter kettle safety protection principle. The heat preservation function of electric kettle is how to achieve? Have heat preservation function of the filter kettle products, mostly have two heating pipe, a heat preservation pipe are individually controlled by thermal insulation switch, it allows the user to control whether choose heat preservation. Thermal power generally under 50 w, usually no more than an hour with 1 degree.
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