The filter tip of the kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Filter kettle is one of the families of commonly used electrical appliances, the boiling water is fast, easy to use, is our essential supplies, but it belongs to high power household appliances, a bit not note will generate safe hidden trouble, remember the following points: 1, when used, hot water bottle in the plug into the socket must be strong, not easily, it will burn and plugged in. And cannot be impinges on the plug and socket and switch. 2, water injection can not much, also cannot little, much to boil when boiling out will be the base of flooding; Little fever, hot water will be burned base. Both can cause leakage, small details are also likely to cause big problems. Refer to internal water, hot water is just see the water spout. 3, with children in the home, when boiling water must be in a safe place, lest produce an electric shock and scald. 4, hot pot to boil after just power should wait for 1 minutes, turn off the power cord before end down; Thing is just to boil the pot body is very hot, and boiling water splashing out; 2 it is splashing water could produce leakage, safety first, wait about 1 minute.
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