The glass from the electric kettle?

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
With the improvement of the quality of life, people's life demand is higher and higher. All of the 'high manganese steel electric kettle' events while being questioned, but still give a lot of people left a shadow in the heart. They hold 'one thousand' not afraid of ten thousand afraid, afraid of family health really appeared somehow, that thed loss outweights the gain. Instead of at the bottom of my heart worries prays to god, or give me the home electric kettle for glass, completely avoid heavy metals, in an attempt to ease. As a matter of fact, glass electric kettle already exist in the market, just a lot of people still lack of understanding about it. So, what is an experience with glass electric kettle? Although it is safe, but can as good as metal electric kettle? This article will take the electric high borosilicate glass electric kettle as an example, from its unique several elements, to tell you the answer. The first elements: baby products level material so-called glass electric kettle, its material is glass, of course, so what is suitable for manufacturing glass electric kettle? Appliance is used by the high borosilicate glass, high borosilicate glass compared with ordinary glass, have better thermal stability, chemical stability and electrical performance, not because in the process of boiled water is heated in high temperature and precipitation material impurities, performance is very stable. This glass is used in baby bottles, visible security is very high. Many people may ask: use fragile glass electric kettle? And high borosilicate glass is more resistant to fall off, if carelessly fall from grace broke in use process, unit block that can be broken open, rather than common glass generally falls have been shattered, don't worry about debris scattered difficult to clean hands and hurt. And glass electric kettle out of consideration for consumer safety and health, from the inner cover, pot body pedestal, handle the material in addition to the high borosilicate glass is 304 stainless steel, safe, comprehensive security drinking water health. Second element: intellisense health brewing in the good condition of high borosilicate glass material, electric kettle in terms of performance of the glass is also no less, can also be smart and convenient to use. Still high borosilicate glass electric kettle, for example, install the temperature probe and Britain Strix thermostat, accurately convert temperature signal to digital signal, through digital tube display, microcomputer touch technology let you follow one's inclinations to control water is warm, enjoy the comfort and convenience of a healthy life. Such as high borosilicate glass electric kettle GK2007CT, can intelligent temperature control to boil water, make water even boiling, drink at ease, let family water drink healthily. Boil water triple family protection design is to protect life and property safety of careful consideration: in boiling water or kettle dry 15 seconds will automatically disconnect immediately, and when the heating plate temperature is too high, thermistor overheating power in order to protect the circuit board, effectively prevent dry caused by unattended circumstances, to avoid accidents. Third elements: blue light dancing and creative, high borosilicate glass not only has its own advantages, but also inherited the bright spot of the glass glittering and translucent get rid of the family. Boiled water, you can need not like using stainless steel electric kettle, just open the lid to descend, can the high borosilicate glass electric kettle of boiling water process in a glance. High borosilicate glass filter kettle is more unique, after turning on the power supply, press the switch, the blue light is the state of boiled water, you can watch the blue water in the process of boiled water elves danced in the 'blue ocean', enjoy a kind another interesting time. Appliances is glass electric kettle, of course, the most representative of the brand, people can fully appreciate the charm of glass electric kettle. It is under the leading of high borosilicate glass electric kettle, electric kettle, more and more families are choosing glass realized the safety and health to boil water. Predictably, glass electric kettle will soon be electric kettle the mainstay of the market.
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