The high level of appearance - Glass filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-30
Filter kettle is necessary, family tradition has very few people use the kettle, are the fashion now high level glass electric kettle in appearance, the health of the transparent to you. Modern people prefer to use glass kettle, such as this kind of glass bottle, can give you clear visible health not only, also will be more convenient for you to use. Multifunction filter kettle, using the transparent glass design, LED blue boiling water, 1. 7 l super capacity, the water fast as the bullet. High canopy glass material, material security, just buy back there will be no peculiar smell. Concise and bright appearance, seemingly ordinary yet is invisible to the intimate, drawing pot body design, exquisite and smooth. Need hot water, do not need to wait the kettle speed, delicate and large capacity, meet the demand of people's drinking water. There are 10 hours long constant temperature function, 36 - Can be set to 80 degrees temperature, crystal glass base, more convenient to you boil water. A boil water, meet the needs of the family, let the transparent filter kettle for your family to drink clean water. Ming of the pot body appears contracted and fashionable, but also highlight the noble quality. Double insulated glass has the security.
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