The hotel's hot pot myth?

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Travel around the world love to play, and stay in the hotel, observe the hotel provide snacks, cold, hot pot, kettle and other hardware facilities is also a big pleasure, according to the number of star-rated hotel, decoration things also will be different, the boiling kettle is necessary. However, some netizens on the Internet boom tenants have to do some hot kettle 'extraordinary' behavior. 1. Underwear, silk stockings disinfection there are a lot of people get used to it with boiling hot water to sterilize things, but is no limit to the number of some people, would be used to directly boiled underwear, even stockings and thought it would be cleaning and disinfection, but look in the eyes of others, very sick! 2. Cooking noodles, soup, porridge hot kettle is just as its name implies is used to boil water, but still there will be good to be true, or lazy, think the noodles or rice in it can be directly to the cooked directly, not need to another, such as bubble time below. 3. Cook seafood as long as a little sichuan hot can eat some seafood, seafood dinner so some tenants to is famous country, directly take hot kettle cooked seafood soup. 4. When the urinal although actual example to chase, but Japan has done anonymous questionnaire, about whether in hot kettle pee, but there are many people who answered 'YES! 'See here, don't know how many people dare to use the hotel's hot kettle, but if winter in foreign travel or really want to drink some hot! So proposal, can be used in hot pot before, first for 1 ~ 2 times, pour out before using.
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