The risk of electric kettle dry, still can continue to use after burn out

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
Filter the kettle with boiling water speed, higher efficiency, has become the main family boil water. Filter adopts steam kettle intelligent temperature control system, automatic cut off power supply when with boiling water, prevent dry heating function. But if there has been a dry condition, it still can continue to use? Here the author with everyone together to get to know it. What are the dangers of dry filter water bottle? Dry kettle is very dangerous, if not to keep the kettle of water temperature, the filter of the kettle temperature will rise sharply, even at the bottom will burn, even a fire. But now most filter kettle have security protection, automatic cut off power supply protection when the temperature is too high. The filter kettle dry protection, because sometimes fail, not to mention some of the unqualified products. Filters can continue to use the kettle after burn out? Burn out there are usually two kinds of circumstances: one kind is caused by the heating plate dry for a long time, the other is to prevent overheating thermostat or insulation pipe damage or melting. If is the first, are almost out of date, generally every electric kettle with different heating plate, so it is difficult to repair. For the second type, need to replace the same temperature controller or fuse. But should pay attention to the point that to professional maintenance station to repair. Otherwise, the filter kettle product if repair bad, is prone to a fire hazard.
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