The scale can't remove in filter kettle? Teach you a recruit, simple and practical

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-06
With filter kettle is very convenient, but for a long time accumulation scale using affect health, there are three methods can be easily removed. Once found in home kettle product scale, to be clear in time. Electric kettle for the first time in 1891 was born in Chicago. Because of their safety and convenience, they are popular all over the world. Now there are many brands of electric kettle, price difference is very big. So we need to pay attention to when the choose and buy some, the following file some matters needing attention for everyone. The first is material, had better choose 304 stainless steel filter bottle or glass filter kettle. Plastic theory is ideal, but the water for a long time storage in plastic taste, and contain a variety of plastic additives, harmful to the body. Second, understand the product information. Carefully check the product label and specification, and product performance and parameters, such as company name, address, capacity, power, etc. , must check whether there is CCC certification mark. Finally, to see the appearance of the filter kettle, plastic or stainless steel shell is thicker, appearance is smooth, bright and beautiful product quality will be relatively well. On the contrary, if the plastic parts rough uneven obviously, shaking inside a voice, may be the product of poor technology and poor quality. Learn to choose, we'll learn how to remove scale below. Long-term use of fouling of the filter kettle can affect the body health, so find fouling must clean up in time. Method 1, white vinegar to remove scale. This method is to remove scale, simple and effective method because of the scale component is carbonate calcium carbonate etc. , can react with acetic acid to generate water soluble substances and carbon dioxide. We only need to join the kettle scale 10% white vinegar, cook for an hour after filled with water, under the simple scrub. Method 2, lemon to remove scale. Lemon slices, heating boiling in the kettle, in the water poured out after cooling, so also can remove scale, this method is a relatively practical and reliable. Method 3, preparing starch, and in the kettle, amylum absorption power, effectively remove scale, add white vinegar, add a third of the water, heat to boil. In the process of heating, the scale will be acetic acid solution, and then taken away by starch, water will have obvious effect.
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