The scale how to remove in electric kettle?

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
1, lemon, scaling up a lemon into electric kettle to boil after bubble for a period of time, scale can be easily removed. Supermarkets and specifically to scale the detergent to sell, ingredient is citric acid, efficacy and lemon is the same. 2, boiled potato scaling within the new kettle, put more than half the kettle potato, fill water, potato cooked, then boil water, would not scale deposition. But pay attention to the kettle boiled potato, wall don't scrub, otherwise you will lose the descaling effect. To have full scale of the old kettle, boil with the above method after a second, not only the original scale will gradually fall off, and can play a role to prevent scale deposition again. 3, baking soda, in addition to scale with the scale of the aluminum kettle boil water, put 1 small spoon saleratus, boil off for a few minutes, scale namely except. 4, boiling water on the pot boiled eggs in addition to scale, with long fouling hard and hard. If use it cooked two eggs, can get ideal result. 5, potato skins scaling aluminum pot or pan use after a period of time, will have a thin layer scale. Put potato skins inside, add right amount water, boil off, cook for 10 minutes or so can be removed. 6, such as vinegar in addition to scale the kettle with scale, a few vinegar into the water and can be burned or two hours, scale namely except. Such as scale, the main component is calcium sulphate, can pour soda solution in the kettle boiled, detergent. 7, mask scale deposition prevention put a clean face masks in the kettle, boil water, scale will be masks adsorption. Putting a magnet magnetized scaling in electric kettle, not only not fouling, boil the water is magnetized, but also has the prevention and treatment of constipation, sore throat.
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