The service life of the filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-05
Filter kettle is indispensable in our daily life living appliances. Not only convenient and efficient, with filter kettle to boil water and leakproof, hot and brought a lot of convenience to our life. But many people find the electric pot life is very short, some filter water use for half a year is bad, some with two or three years no problem, is this why? In fact, the service life of filter kettle no specific, according to electric kettle to judge the quality of life, a generally good quality filter kettle, available for about 3 years. However, the poor quality of filter kettle, a few months will be broken, so the more profitable to buy good quality filter kettle. In fact, in order to prolong the service life of electric kettle, pay more attention to maintenance when in use is also very effective. To introduce the following filter daily maintenance methods of the kettle. 1. Periodically remove scale in POTS. Long time use of electric heating in POTS ministries scale, scale will not only cause disease such as dental calculus, calculus, is has a great effect on the life of the electric kettle. So regular cleaning filter kettle is very necessary, or use the purification water effect will be much better. 2. Please do not fill it up with water, control within the largest scale. If the water is too full electric pot, when the water boils, easy to overflow, easy to burn the chassis. As long as notice that these problems when using electric kettle, electric kettle can prolong service life.
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