The solar water heater considerations' The hot hot pot 】

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
This paper mainly introduces the solar energy water heater is in use process should pay attention to the problem, the solar water heater water filled with judgment method and related knowledge points. Solar energy water heater use common sense for use and precautions of a, the solar energy water heater is in use process should pay attention to what issues? 1, pay attention to the water. 2, according to the weather situation, decide on the water, to ensure the proper water temperature while taking a shower. 3, regular inspection of solar energy water heater pipeline, vent device is working correctly. 4, atmospheric pollution, or sand, dry areas flush valve on a regular basis. 5, the solar energy water heater installed, non-professional personnel don't move, loading and unloading the machine, in order to avoid damage to critical components. Second, how to distinguish the solar water heater is full of water? General solar water heater with the overflow pipe, according to whether the overflow tube drainage water full state, also can equipped with water level control device, water full automatic alarm, according to a report to the police. Three, the solar energy water heater water should be paid attention to what issues? Due to the vacuum tube in air drying, the tube temperature can reach 250 ℃ or so, so no water inside the water tank or water for the first time must be after half an hour before sunrise or sunset. Fourth, the solar energy water heater without water for a long time, will be hot bad? Vacuum tube solar water heater with high efficiency, sunny day in the summer, the water temperature is less than two days can reach boiling point, if without water for a long time, such as travel, travel, make long time inside the water tank is in a state of high temperature and high pressure, will accelerate the aging of sealing ring, speed up the process of aging, shrinking polyurethane, exhaust does not open, sometimes too much pressure will cause the tank bilge bad, still can form scum, shorten the life of the tank. Therefore, if you are not at home for a long time, should arrange others often exothermic water, cold water or placed in the vacuum tube collector cover blocking sunlight, stay home, then remove. Five, the solar energy water heater for several days did not bathe in hot water can also? Solar water heater for several days of unused water are generally more hot water, above 70 ℃, especially in the summer sunny weather more than 2 days, the water is boiling, cool at night would be appropriate, to keep the water temperature at 60 ℃, 70 ℃ area for a long time, and this area is the water temperature bacteria breeding excellent temperature, therefore, as for several days or no hot water for a long time, the water quality is poorer, bacteria, to discharge off, don't take a shower, or used to boil water to drink, such as bathing water for skin, long-term use of the water bath can cause skin disease. Six, why frequent use of the solar water heater? Solar water heater after put into use, want to often use, suggest it is best to use 4 to 5 times a day, time interval within 4 hours, this is because: (1) water, over a long period of time for users on the lower floors, the use of water is actually the low temperature water in the pipe ( The inside of the solar energy water heater to stay in the pipeline is formed after cooling water) ; Especially in the northern winter, the outside temperature is low, sometimes reach below 25 ℃, fluctuation of the water in the piping cool quickly, if the six-storey, every time users need to put off a basin of cold water on the ground floor, special waste, if frequent use is better; (2) can effectively prevent frostbite, let fluctuation line always have heat, and thermal insulation layer, which can effectively prevent frostbite. In the north in winter, many people also used indoor slightly open the water heater valve, drop down to antifreeze.
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