The stand or fall of boiled tea ware _ tea how cent?

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Want to drink a good tea, it slowly from the following several aspects to distinguish, tasting, feeling. So, how do the stand or fall of tea? 1, tenderness, general tender degree of good tea, conform to the requirements of the shape, 'Light, flat, smooth, straight') 。 But not only from the fuzzy judge his tenderness, how much, because of the specific requirements of the various kinds of tea, such as the great lion peak longjing is surface without balance. Bud Ye Nen degrees to do judgment more pastel, only suitable for maofeng tea, maojian tea, silver needle tea 'fuzz'. Need to mention here is that the most fresh tender leaves, also get a bud leaf exhibition at the beginning of the practice of one-sided picking bud heart is inappropriate. Because heart bud is the part of growth is not perfect, contains ingredients is not comprehensive, especially chlorophyll content is very low. So should not be simple just for the sake of tenderness, bud tea. Article 2, article rope line is all kinds of tea set some certain shape specifications, such as the traditional form, gunpower round, flat, red broken tea longjing tea granule shape and so on. Generally elongated tea, the elastic, bend straight, strong, round flat, thin weight; See particle elastic circular tea, well, weight and empty; Oblate tea whether level off is smooth degree and conform to the specifications. In general, cords and heavy body bone, round ( The sector except tea) And straight, that tender raw materials, workmanship, quality; If appearance is loose, flat ( The sector except tea) , crushed, and the smell of smoke, coke, that old raw materials, poor workmanship, inferior quality. 3, tea colour and lustre and material of colour and lustre tender degree and processing technology have close relationship. All kinds of tea has a certain colour and lustre requirements, such as black tea black oil moisten, green in green tea, oolong tea, black tea, brown black oil color, etc. But no matter what kind of tea, tea requirements of colour and lustre is consistent, the luster bright, fresh oil moisten, if have different color, different shades, dark without light, show different raw materials and old nun, do manual work is bad, bad quality. The colour and lustre of tea and tea producing area and season have a lot to do. Such as mountains, green tea, green and slightly yellow color, fresh and bright; Low camellia or ground tea color dark green with light. Tea process, due to improper technique, also tend to make the color deterioration. Buy tea, should according to the specific buy tea. 4, chopped the whole, is the shape of tea and broken broken degree, even, for good, broken broken for times. Comparative review of standard tea, is tea in a pan, Generally for wooden) , make the tea under the effect of rotating force, in accordance with the size, weight, thickness, shape, the broken formation has a hierarchical order. The thick at the top, superfine heavy firm focused on middle, broken broken small deposit in the bottom. All the tea, in the middle of tea more as well. The upper is usually thick more than the old leaf, with lighter taste, more shallow water; The lower broken tea, often having too strong taste, after brewing looked darker. 5, clarity whether in tea mainly mixed with tea, tea, tea dust, tea seed, and in the production process of mixed with bamboo, wood, limestone, sand inclusion, such as how many. Studs are good tea, do not contain any inclusions. In addition, you can through the tea to identify dry ointment. No matter what kind of tea can have peculiar smell. Every tea has a particular aroma, wet and dry sweet also have different, need to be decided according to the specific situation, green smoke gas, coke and cooked frowsty is not desirable. Most easily distinguish the quality of the tea is brewing after taste flavor, aroma, and leaf tea liquor color. The origin of tea in general is pure, but also because of the difference of tea art, makes tea quality with high and low points. 6, the taste is usually called 'the tea mouth, every tea soup, fresh mellow thick said water extract content and composition well. Tea liquor bitterness, coarse old said water extract ingredients is bad. Tea weak weak, insufficient water extract content. 7 review, rinsing water quality of the main difference of fresh degree and degree of fresh leaves of the old nun. Green tea is the most ideal water to fresh limpid blue thick, black tea very red and bright. Low-level or metamorphic tea, the water is cloudy and dark. 8, the aroma of tea in boiling water for five minutes, pour out the tea juice in review bowl, smelling the aroma is normal. With flowers, fruit, honey sweet etc is pleased by the aroma is preferred. Old fire and smoke, spoiled, mildew, such as smell, is often due to poor handling or improper packaging and storage. 9, foliaceous review tender and basically is to see its colour and lustre and old leaves. Shoot tips and the blade, the more fine and soft said tea tenderness. Leaf is rough and hard thin tea coarse old and poor growth. Tempered with bright color and texture, said good tea technology processing.
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