The thermostat is broken how to fix the filter water bottle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Thermostat is the most important filter kettle product accessories, it is also a filter core parts of the kettle. Whether filter heating and heat preservation function of the kettle, are made by a thermostat. However, the thermostat is also the most prone to failure. Filter kettle thermostat is broken, then, how to repair? After electrify, not heating, light is not bright. Failure is usually caused by power supply did not enter, electric heating tube. Check, please first 3 core plug on the power cord of the base plate is measured with a multimeter l, n on both ends of the resistor. Under normal circumstances, the reset switch does not press, resistance to up, press the button, the 1500 watts filter corresponding to the resistance of the kettle is about 32. If resistance is still up, after press the button of heating tube circuit. At this point can be measured again the pot body resistance on both ends of the three core plug N, L, the above normal. If the test result is normal, should check whether the base fault is disconnect the power cord connected to the base or poor contact, base structure is simple, general can quickly find fault. If the measured resistance is still ∝, the fault in the circuit of the pot body, should remove the components for repair. The emphasis on power supply ( Reset) Insulation switches and switch on. The multimeter R x 1, check the switch action and contact are in good condition. Found in the adverse circumstances, can check thermal slices of the tongue of the bending Angle and switch the location of the connecting rod is normal, such as in the case of abnormal, respectively. If switch action is normal, no connection, contact point switch spring or damaged, contact point switch box can be removed for cleaning and maintenance. If the power switch is normal, fault occurs mostly on the insulation switch. First of all, to see if the bimetallic strip reed pressure switch contact lever. If pressure is too tight, can use tweezers bending upwards, until the distance between the two is 0. 5 ~ 1 mm if you double the distance between the metal contact with the switch rod is normal, should open the switch box, and clean up and spring maintenance and insulation switch contact.
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