The use of filter kettle matters needing attention

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-30
Filter kettle is now many people like to use a small household electrical appliances, it is easier than water dispensers to boil water, and water cooler than a burning more healthy and fresh water, can make the body absorb all kinds of minerals and trace elements in the water, more healthy than distilled water, pure water. So let's look at the filter what are the precautions for the use of the kettle. Filter kettle in a lot of matters need to pay attention to while using. Before using the kettle cleaning utensils inside. Water should be appropriate, exceed the limit water level, water boiling will overflow; If less than lower limit water level, filter kettle will not be able to work properly. After add water, power, indicator light, said filter start heating kettle. About 30 seconds after the water boils, the power will automatically cut off, the red indicator light will go out and stop working. Water before, must cut off power supply, allocate the power cord, the water poured out slowly, in order to prevent the water splashed out cause burns. Note after using filter and maintenance of the kettle. In order to reduce the scale of the stockpile, used up every time want to throw away the remaining water in the kettle, don't stay in the water in the kettle for the night. Continuous use the kettle boil water, cooling filter kettle, first check the power connector is dry, and then into the water. Also has a lot of thing to pay attention to during cleaning. When cleaning the kettle, please disconnect the power supply, unplug the power cord, waiting for the filter cooling kettle again after cleaning. Kettle, the base and the power cord and plug shall not be soaked in water to clean. Outside of the kettle with wet cloth to wipe clean, but don't use volatile oil and organic cleaner. There are so many thing that need to pay attention to add water. Shall not be lower than the lowest water level or water level higher than the highest water level, so as to avoid burning heat pipe at the time of boiling water and overflow filter kettle. In addition to water, don't cook other food or drink. Don't put more than 65 degrees of hot water. Don't put the electric water heater heating or drying, do not use multi-purpose socket, but use, is the wall fixed socket, the rated current value is greater than the filter kettle rated current value, and need to have reliable grounding line.
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