The working principle and advantages of hot water full disclosure

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
In our family life at ordinary times, we can often be useful to the hot pot, and how to reasonable use hot water, is still a concern. Here the author is from the hot working principle and the use of advantages of the kettle to do concrete analysis for you. Filter working principle of the kettle filter working principle of the kettle is: when the water boils, the water vapor steam heat element, bimetallic strip deformation, the deformation is based on the leverage to push the power switch power. Its power cannot be automatically reset, so the kettle will not automatically when the power is heated again. Key components: filters are key components of the kettle is the thermostat, thermostat and the service life of the good or bad determines the quality and the service life of the kettle. Thermostat is divided into: simple thermostat, simple + snap action thermostat, waterproof, prevent dry heating thermostat. Suggest that consumers use waterproof, prevent dry heating thermostat electric kettle of choose and buy. Heat preservation principle, which has the function of thermal insulation kettle, most have two hair heat pipe, a heat preservation heat pipes through the insulation switch controlled by itself, it can choose whether to let the user control. Thermal power generally under 50 w, an hour usually consume no more than 0. 1 KWH. Filter kettle 5 minutes after turning on the power supply, the water temperature is gradually increased to 100 degrees, the water begins to boil, steam impact switch the bimetallic strip above, due to the effect of heat bilges cold shrink, bimetallic strip expansion deformation, switch contact up to disconnect the power supply. If the steam switch failure, in POTS of water would have been burned down, until the water is dry up, a sharp rise in the temperature of the heating element, located at the base of the heating plate has two bimetallic strip, because heat transfer temperature rise sharply, expansion deformation, disconnect the power supply. And the filter of the kettle safety protection device is designed very scientific and reliable. This is the filter triple security protection principle of the kettle. The advantages of the filter kettle 1. Electric kettle compared to other equipment, especially the water dispenser, more clean, water machine inside again how cleaning still has a blind Angle, and some people for several months not to wash, but best buy stainless steel electric kettle, now good basic adopts 304 stainless steel, stainless steel electric kettle no flavour, electric kettle somewhat rubber plastic taste. 2. You may worry about the electric kettle automatically without electricity, water may not be open, almost don't have to worry about this problem, if if demanding, can buy imported thermostat electric kettle, import thermostat power is accurate, after the test ten thousand times, guaranteed to be boiled water. 3. Actually power compared with the accurate degree, more concern should be in addition to the electric kettle of boiling water appliances, such as water dispenser, can only burn to 90 degrees or so, once the water is not pure, hepatitis b and hepatitis a is less than 100 degrees can not be inactivated; Flame kettle, only human judgment is boiling, certainly not, or you don't bring to a boil, or burnt boiling ( Out of the water to drink is not good) 。 4. Will certainly produce scale scale problem, electric kettle, but open the kettle, water machine more sordid. So the electric kettle is ok as frequently wash down, very clean.
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