The working principle and selection method of the old filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-30
Because of the hot water can provide great convenience to people's life, and the frequency of hot water with the seasons, more and more cold, even in peacetime, also have a lot of people like to drink hot water, so the use of filter kettle is how convenient. Now on the market according to the principle of heating has many different kinds of kettle, filter kettle is one of the more common. The old filter kettle is electricity to heat water, the author will give you a brief introduction of the old filter working principle and selection method of the kettle. The old filter working principle of the kettle old filter is a kind of self-help kettle boil water. It can make through steam induction system issued a whistle after the water boils, to remind people in boiling water, is a tool for a fast boil water. The sensing system is for overheating protection, water and electric heating rod is similar. Electric kettle is usually connected to the power supply mode, through the chassis connected power supply, through the base heating kettle, is a common way of heating. Although heating mode is scientific, but whether to burn out of drinking water health? Most people lack some safety awareness. Not all filters a kettle of water is very health. This want to buy from your filters to consider many aspects of the kettle. Filter material of the kettle, filter steam induction sensitivity of the kettle, the filter of the kettle heating mode and other factors will affect the water health problems. How to choose the old filter kettle 1, choose 304 stainless steel or high borosilicate glass filter kettle, 304 stainless steel for the stainless steel industry certification, food-grade stainless steel through special processing, up to the national safety standard for food grade certification, is the preferred material. High borosilicate glass is the best food grade material of glass, explosion-proof special good, can bear very mild hypothermia. 2, the safety performance should be guaranteed. See material is not enough light and some water security problems, such as wire contact leakage, whether there is a hot prevention measures, prevent dry heating design, whether the power and so on.
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