The working principle of the electric kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
The working principle of electric kettle triple security protection function: 1. Boiling water automatically shut out function: after turning on the power supply, electric kettle using hot plate/tube converts electrical energy into heat energy to shake water heating, when the water boils, thermostat, automatic cut off power supply. 2. Prevent dry heating function: dry heating temperature control is through the silicon grease ( Conductors) Close to the heating tube/plate, when the temperature of the heating tube/plate reaches ultra high temperature ( The abnormal working state, such as: 1, the product in the condition of no water heating; 2, water boiling automatic shut out function failure) , dry heating function moves to cut off the power supply, so as to avoid product caused by temperature rising of fire disaster. But it is important to emphasize that in use should be avoid as far as possible dry, it can cause damage to the product, shorten service life. 3. Fuse protection function: in the dry heating function failure or circuit in short circuit of action, the protector is unrecoverable after fusing, must to dragon refers to the maintenance station to replace new fuse protector or the thermostat.
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