Unqualified filter kettle cause manganese poisoning

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-06
Tea kettle at ordinary times, home must have this filter kettle, looks very ordinary, but the quality can make drinking water health hazard. Recently, jiangsu province quality supervision bureau issued electric kettle and other small electrical appliances product inspection report: 55. 6% of the electric kettle, stainless steel material quality, and the use of high manganese steel, manganese steel, content is about 10%, some rumors can cause manganese poisoning. So, unqualified filter kettle cause manganese poisoning? Here the author analyse for everyone! Unqualified filter kettle cause manganese poisoning? According to the Chinese nutrition society written reference intake of nutrients in dietary for Chinese people, the adult recommended daily intake of 3. Can bear 5 mg of manganese, highest intake for 10 milligrams a day, namely 10 mg per day does not cause health hazards. Precipitate filter kettle of manganese is not according to the China iron and steel association, director of the office of Chen Xinliang introduction, from a professional point of view, qualified stainless steel after heating, the temperature at which the water boils at 100 degrees, far not reached the boiling point of manganese, not precipitation of excessive manganese. Excess body manganese commonly occurred in mining, welding, dry cell production and dye industries, these people will occur due to long-term exposure to excessive manganese acute or chronic manganese poisoning. Recommend 300 series, 400 series stainless steel or glass filter kettle for higher quality of living consumers, it is recommended to use 300 series ( Including 304 steel) And 400 series stainless steel and high borosilicate glass material; The complex production process, performance and excellent cleaning performance. Therefore, we should not believe some online rumor at will. We should from the perspective of scientific thinking is the right way.
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