Use boiled tea, need to pay attention to some small details

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
A lot of friends and tea in conversation with the author talked about the use of boiled tea. Especially in winter, cool in order not to let the beverage, many tea lovers will boil tea, but many friends said reaction of boiled tea to control does not reach the designated position, lead to boil tea smell bad, too bitter. So, the author with boiled tea ware live here you talk about the details, let tea friends, hope to tea friends can cook a satisfied after see the tea. China is the first to use the tea drinking countries and regions, the ancients about tea, is not like we are make tea, but boiled tea. Later, gradually began to make tea. But some tea must be cooked, such as old white tea. However, you can make tea, but you probably won't boil tea. Here, I'll give you sum up the experience of my own cooking tea, for everyone to learn. Use boiled tea, need to pay attention to some small details 1. The boiled tea, avoid for boiling. If excessive boiling, easy to make tea bitter. 2. The first pot of boiled, immediately turn off the power when the water boils. After the second pot of water to boil, transferred to the small fire, cook for a minute. The third pot, the water boiled down heat for 2 minutes. 3. If you'd like to have the taste of each pot of tea is very uniform, you don't have to put them all out, left half a pot pot, as a starting point, and then mixed with the next pot. If you don't like to drink boiled tea repeatedly, so must be finished before you boil a pot of. 4. White tea with good quality, after 9 dip can boil three POTS. But quality is bad, can use five brew, cook a few bubble is more easy to have no taste. Brewed tea, if you can't drink, the best is put in the pot, if it is too cold to drink, with a small heat before drinking, don't need to boil. 5. It is recommended to use hot water boil tea. Or in the water to boil after tea. Cold water to boil tea, water boiling time slow, slow release material as the temperature rises, the relative bitter taste will be heavier. Use boiling water, heating time is short, the taste of tea will be relatively fine.
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