Use filter kettle, remember '4 don't'

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-05
Filter kettle we should be very familiar with, as must be used in the household life just need products, filters can be walked into the kettle. This is because the filter kettle is not only convenient for our life, but also help us save the boiling water on the time and energy. The electric kettle has many advantages, but as a kind of electrical appliances, nature also need to pay attention to some details and rules. So, today for everyone to say, the filter kettle need to remember that not what 4; Many people don't know, is always making mistakes. First: water usually we common electric kettle capacity less too much, a lot of people in order to burn more water, often filled with choice, as far as possible more. However, this is wrong. Because electric kettle each have the highest water level, is too full, hot water will overflow to a boiling hot water. Especially the child in the home, there is a risk of burns. In addition, the overflow into the socket, also can produce leakage safety problems. The second: open the power supply to meet the water a lot of people in order to save time, to pick up in the power of open water. As a result, electric kettle is heated, that not only shorten the service life of electric kettle, still can cause security problems. Third: at the bottom of the kettle with water that is a very small details, most people won't notice when the boiling water, because when they meet water, there may be water at the bottom of the kettle, without notice, will pose a security risk. So it's best to pay more attention to in boiling water, dry bottom with dry cloth. Fourth: clean the scale we all know, after long time using the filter kettle would have scale. Long time not to clean scale, will not only affect the service life of filter kettle, but also affects water quality. Therefore, must be regularly clean scale. Otherwise, for a long time to drink some scale water can affect the body health.
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