Use filter kettle should pay attention to what, filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
With the continuous development of society, the filter kettle has become more and more popular, almost every family in the use of filter kettle. Filter kettle is convenient for our life, but also some question whether use filter kettle to boil water to health. In fact, nothing is absolute. Next, the authors introduce everyone to use filter kettle should pay attention to what, filter kettle matters needing attention. 1, not just to boil water to drink a lot of people can't wait to an open water poured water to drink. In fact, just open water directly down the ready to drink is not very good, because the residual chlorine in tap water and water of the organic combination can produce a variety of carcinogenic compounds, such as chloroform. When boiling water to boil, proposal opened the lid of the water heater, and placed to drink for a while. 2, don't drink boiled water repeatedly someone in the use of electric kettle, because didn't drink the water, before the rest of the water in the kettle, also direct burning next to drink, in fact you can't drink the water. Large amounts of nitrite and formed by the human body blood high hemoglobin, blood loses its ability to deliver oxygen, thus hypoxia and poisoning, drank too much and the risk of cancer. 3, look 304 filters filter kettle of the kettle is mainly composed of high manganese steel and 304 stainless steel material, after high temperature heating, dissolve manganese metal materials such as high manganese steel, endanger human body health, long-term drinking has certain harm to the nervous system, resulting in a decline in memory. Suggest you buy filter kettle, it is best buy safer 304 stainless steel or high borosilicate glass.
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