Use filter kettle the note

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-30
1, choose the right socket filter plug has grounding electrodes, usually of the kettle and should be connected to a grounded outlet socket. When using, power plug should be fully inserted into the socket. Always maintain the filter of the kettle power plugs, sockets, power cord and automatic switch device is dry and clean. 2, keep the switch is closed before plug-in power check filter switch of the kettle, before electricity, to ensure the power supply switch in the off position, so as not to impact current damage the body, affect the service life. 3, pay attention to the highest level j plus water amount shall not exceed the maximum water level, in order to prevent water overflow the kettle boiling. Also shoulds not be too small, or will soon be dry, especially the honking filter kettle, at least 20 mm immersion heating tube above, otherwise the exposed electric heating tube is easy to burn out in the water. In addition, don't open the power and then adding water, otherwise easy to burn out the heater or cause dangerous accidents. 4, avoid using filters filter kettle dry should pay attention to avoid dry heating kettle. If no one CARES, after the water to boil, no filter kettle of the thermostat will dry up the water, and is equipped with automatic reset thermostat electric kettle will dry up the water because of the repeated heating. If the overheating protection function failure, may cause fire accident. 5, do not immerse in water when cleaning, filter the kettle can't immersed in the water or water spray, in order to avoid damage due to humidity, electrical insulation, cause of failure and leakage.
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