Use inferior filter kettle have what dangerous? ? ? ?

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-05
Household appliances are becoming more common now, basically every family has a different filter kettle, the resulting safety accidents are not uncommon. But can't ignore the harm of unexpected circumstances. In addition, improper use may be substandard. Then, use inferior filter kettle have what dangerous? ? ? ? ? How can I buy a qualified filter kettle product? The dangers of a substandard, filter kettle filter at the bottom of the pot pot body or no relevant security identity. According to the standard, the filter base should have the name of the manufacturer or the agent of the kettle, trademark or logo, type or specification. From here you can see, normal filter kettle should indicate the manufacturer's information, model and electrical parameters, the base of the pot at least indicate filter kettle manufacturer information and model, to meet the requirements of standard. Need to pay attention to when reading related specification before use. Unless the design of the kettle is not caused by spraying water hazard, otherwise shall be specified in the specifications: if filter kettle with too much water, may lead to overflow; Cordless filter kettle must explain filter kettle provided base on use only. According to the content, the consumer will pay attention to the water level in normal use, and to explain the risk of mixed base. Harmful: if there is no such content, instruction before normal use, consumers through reading instruction cannot avoid its damage. Second, the structure. The main problem is the battery drain size doesn't meet the requirements of the benchmark, drain diameter or width is less than 3 mm, less than 5 mm is not qualified. There are grounding measures. There are some main problems: standard, in the case of insulation fault, I class appliances for easy contact and metal parts, should be connected to the ground terminal of the equipment. ( Class I equipment, often referred to as metal shell, plug with ground wire appliance) 。 Risk: if the internal wiring of the kettle insulation damaged, can lead to leakage. If not connected to ground, the human body but a touch will be easier to get an electric shock accident. Therefore, consumers can through these places to avoid to buy inferior filter kettle products. Inspectors found that glass filter kettle, boil tea brands are using 304 stainless steel, the surface of the product or uneven in 304 stainless steel. As long as you look at the '304' when consumer is bought, products can be bought at ease.
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