Using filter kettle, pay attention to these four easy wrong points

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Modern family its access to drinking water, there are generally two kinds, one is to buy bottled water, the second is to use the filter from burning kettle. Believe that for most people the family, will choose the latter, because use geothermal kettle, a strong convenience, it is a powerful cooperate with people in the fast-paced life of household appliances. Especially it is winter, everyone was more willing to drink hot water, it is more convenient for using filter kettle. Everyone will frequently use filter kettle in winter, but I don't know you don't understand filter using kettle 'easy wrong points', also namely myth, if use the wrong, or endangering people's health. Actually using filter kettle, this 4 'easy wrong points', there are still people don't know, always just use! A, too much water a lot of electric kettle for loading area is smaller, a water and not too meet the needs of everyone, some people will tend to be as much water as possible. This natural water way is wrong, if too much water, in the process of boiling water, hot water overflow to extremely easily, if you are not careful next to flow into the socket, also could cause leakage accidents. Recommended at the time of use, must be the highest water level according to the kettle wall to control the amount of water. 2, open the power supply before receiving water water after open the power supply first, it is a hot water bottle to use one of the most common 'easy wrong points', many people have made a mistake. A lot of people in the use of filter kettle, has formed a set of fixed action, which is plugged in, turn on the switch, the water to boil water. It is very easy to cause filter kettle scrap, because in the process of receiving water, if the status of the power supply in an open, then the filter of the kettle heater, the work is already in, but the above and there is no water is heated, such a state, the heater, it would be easy to broken. Three, touch water, some people at the bottom of the kettle, water kettle is too heavy, will tend to put the kettle on the sink, in this case, it would be easy to touch water in the bottom. Touch the kettle of water directly on the hot plate, hot plate is easy to burn out because of the electricity. The fault point, you must know, don't careless with again next time. Four, not regular scaling have life often people would know, electric kettle, kettle, electric water heater heating water are always the objects, the accumulation of the lining is easy to produce and scale. Filter kettle because of frequent use, so it have occurred frequency is very high, suggest that we must be regular cleaning, after all, the illness, the scale if drink not carefully go in, will harm your health. Many people don't know how to clean the scale, actually very simple, as long as we hold a pot of water, and then with antiseptic decontamination effect is to pour a little white vinegar, then boil water together, the inside of the scale will automatically fall off. In conclusion, using filter kettle, the above four 'easy wrong points', there are those who don't know, always just use! After you see, but don't make mistakes again. In addition, the filter kettle don't easy to burn anything else, boiled eggs, what behavior is best not to have.
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