What advantage insulation filter kettle, filter kettle insulation principle is what

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Insulation filter not only has the function of the heating kettle, and it has excellent thermal insulation properties. After filter inland water boiling kettle, can keep the water temperature for a long time, more convenient than the traditional filter kettle. What are the advantages of the insulation filter kettle? Filter kettle insulation principle is what? Let's take a look at insulation filter principle of the kettle. What advantage, insulation filter kettle 1. Double insulation, water temperature more durable. 2. Double shell effectively prevent hot. 3. Seamless stainless steel tank. 4. Lock the water to prevent dumping and burns. 5. No touch the power, the use of more secure. 6. Non-slip handle, it is more convenient to use. 7. Large water inflow, easy to add water and clean. 8. Induction heat preservation temperature, without manual operation. Second, the filter principle of heat preservation heat preservation function of the kettle filter kettle mostly have two hair heat pipe, a heat preservation heat pipes respectively by insulation switch control, enables users to control whether the heat preservation. Thermal power generally under 50 w, 1 hour and usually do not consume more than 0. 1 degree of power. When the water temperature is lower than the set temperature, heating will automatically filter kettle, stop heating when temperature is reached.
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