What are filter material of the kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Filter kettle can be said to be the modern family one of essential household electrical appliances, so, do you know what are filter material of the kettle? Our common filter materials are mainly stainless steel kettle, glass, pottery and porcelain, plastic, etc. Among them, the glass and stainless steel filter kettle is the most commonly used materials. Here, let's look at the advantages of various materials filter kettle. Plastic filter kettle advantages: 1. Prices are low. 2. Easy to clean, light, color diversity, design diversity, can be used to decorate a room. 3. Boil water fast, convenient and general electric 5 - open Ten minutes to boil water. This is a common feature of all filter kettle products. Plastic filter kettle faults: in recent years, due to some of the problems of the wave of plasticizer and products, and improving people's health consciousness, PP food-grade filter kettle product gradually fade out the market. Stainless steel filter kettle advantages: 1. Stainless steel shell is strong and durable, simple and easy, with reasonable prices, favored by most families. In addition, caigang filters on the market at present trend also meet the needs of some of the gifts of the kettle, can be said to be a practical LiPinXing small home appliance. At the same time, the stainless steel filter kettle also preferred hotels and other public venues. 2. Stainless steel material relative safety, generally can be at ease buy. Stainless steel electric kettle disadvantages: 1. Long time use stainless steel filter kettle will scale, therefore remove scale very troublesome. 2. The inferior brand hard to ensure product quality. The ceramic electric kettle advantages: 1. High-end, generally can be used as ceramics handicraft, made into filter kettle, relocation exquisite tea sets, is both elegant and generous. 2. Ceramic filter kettle color is rich, for example, the design of blue and white porcelain kettle and imitation are recommended by the favour of consumer market. Disadvantages: 1 of the ceramic electric kettle. Ceramic nature, fragile place to light, should avoid to impact, so as to avoid the damage influence is beautiful, and performance. 2. Ceramic filter kettle price is quite expensive. In addition, the material such as ceramic and violet arenaceous itself does not have electrical conductivity, when you buy, you will find that the ceramic electric kettle inside the fuselage still use stainless steel tank. Cannot be used as a real are recommended, especially our friends in the pursuit of tea, please buy cautiously.
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