What are the filter material of the kettle? How to choose the filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-03
Filter actually is what we usually call electric kettle, kettle in now is more common in the family, so the filter should not be considered a kettle everyone not familiar with the product. Use electric kettle family can clearly feel the advantages of electric kettle, not only can automatically heat water, power and water to boil also can automatically, is very convenient, so today we will introduce filter kettle product information in detail. What are the filter material of the kettle? Stainless steel filter kettle, stainless steel material does not produce toxic or harmful substances, stainless steel shell is strong and durable, beautiful, especially suitable for hotels, hotels and other public places, welcome by the masses. However, for a long time use will produce scale, pure stainless steel shell heat conduction is more serious. After the water to boil, be careful when using the shell, no matter now have stainless steel filter kettle surface coating can be used independently. Ceramic filter kettle: ceramic filter kettle class is high, generally made for arts and crafts, to appreciate, making filter kettle, deserve to go up and elegant tea set, refined tea, nonpoisonous and harmless, easy to clean. Ceramics is fragile, handle with care, do not force the impact or collision, otherwise it will damage the pot body, affect the appearance, or shorten the service life of products. How to choose the filter kettle? The electric capacity of electric kettle options: filter kettle general how many liters? Depending on their own habits and actual needs, such as 2 - 3 people family can choose about 1. 0 l filter kettle, 4 - Five people can choose about 1. 8 l filter kettle. Scan appearance: plastic thicker, more smooth, bright, beautiful appearance, quality is relatively good. If within a voice when the shaking, may be process is bad, a reflection of poor quality. In addition, the filter is water injection with electric kettle, should pay special attention to the sealing conditions, should not have leakage phenomenon. If you can see the heater, pay attention to when buying heater and pot body interface. Should be installed firmly, usable hand gently touch the heater, check whether the assembly is strong, should not be loose. Security features: choose which has the function of the temperature control products. With functions of temperature control of filter after water boiling kettle product will automatically cut off power supply, or in the case of no water filter kettle will overheat, can effectively prevent unattended to dry, avoid the accident. Check identification: carefully check product identification and description. Standard, the product logo should be complete, including: company name, address and specifications ( Such as capacity) , model, trade mark, voltage parameters, power, power source sex symbols, etc. Due to prevent misuse of warnings, should be detailed cleaning methods. Products on the switch logo should be clear and reliable operation. From today's article we filter the kettle household products in detail, believe that the majority of users friends of the filter kettle have more understanding, whether to choose filter kettle or use filter kettle, on the premise of safety.
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