What are the precautions for filter using kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-30
Believe everybody knows filter kettle are fast heating, good insulation effect, characteristics of filtering functions. However, many people in the use of filter kettle is used when the use of the wrong way, cause the safe hidden trouble. Today, let's look at the filter what are the precautions for the use of the kettle. Filter kettle using note 1, filter kettle power generally larger, power plugs, sockets, the capacity of the power cord should be appropriate choice, generally suits to choose 10 a specification, if the power rating of more than 2200 w, should use a larger outlet, the outlet should be used independently, in order to ensure safety. 2, filter plug of the kettle usually have ground wire, please contact with earth jack socket connection. When using, power plug should be fully inserted into the socket. 3, be sure to keep the filter of the kettle power plugs, sockets, power and automatic switch device is dry and clean. 4,. Not more than the highest water level water injection, to avoid the liquid overflowed the pot boiling. Water injection also shoulds not be too small, or exposed to the air heat pipe is easy to burn surface or very dry up quickly, and water to filter water damage. In addition, please don't open the power and then adding water. 5, using filter kettle, must be within the scope of the field of vision, avoid dry heating. If you don't have to look after, after the water burn well, automatic reset thermostats filter kettle, repeated heating may boil water, causes dangerous accidents. 6, using filter kettle, please pay attention to don't let the children touch the pot body or contact with the power cord, lest produce burns electric shock accident. 7, in order to avoid being boiled water scald, on the safe side, please pull the plug, cut off power supply, and then use boiled water. 8, when cleaning, filter kettle cannot water or rinse, lest damage electrical insulation failure because of damp and leakage. 9, filter kettle after using for a long time, will produce scale. Scale is not only affect the kettle heating efficiency, but also make heat pipe has increased dramatically, damage the electric heat pipe. Therefore, should be regularly check and clean.
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