What brand of filter kettle is good, filter kettle skills of choose and buy what

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
There are many kinds and different brand of filter kettle products. Also, the filter according to the material divided into plastic kettle, stainless steel kettle filter bottle, glass filter kettle, etc. When consumer is buying filter kettle buy filter kettle which brand is good, filter kettle skills of choose and buy what? Next, the author introduce for you. Which brand of filter kettle? QUEENSENSE electric appliance co. , LTD is a research and development of the first double deck glass filter kettle, and in China, Germany, Taiwan, South Korea and other places to obtain the patent for utility model. And with strong research and development capabilities, excellent quality, reasonable price, good reputation and perfect after-sales service day by day, get consistent high praise. Filter technique of choose and buy kettle? What are those? 1. Buy filter kettle, sensitive and reliable should pay attention to whether the thermostat water supply switch is flexible, sealed performance is good. You can put the filter kettle in his hand, tried several times to see if the switch is flexible. 2. For air pressure filter kettle of water supply, water supply system should be flexible. Shell, the cover and the tank should be easy to remove, and has good sealing performance. 3. Check whether the filter of the kettle heater is connected with the pot body is firm, power adapter and the connection of the pot body for moderate elasticity, whether there is leakage phenomenon. To see if filter on the nameplate of the kettle indicate the origin, specifications, trademarks, parameters, etc. 4. Need to consider whether or not the capacity of the kettle. Family use should choose smaller, office or should choose the larger capacity in public places. Filter kettle capacity and how many watt consumption is proportional to the filter kettle, should according to its efficiency and the energy consumption of the appropriate model, in order to avoid waste of capacity or inadequate capacity is too big.
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