What household filter kettle manufacturer, how to choose and buy filter water bottle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
When we want to drink hot water, generally use filter kettle to boil water. But in the choose and buy when, as a result of the market, many different kinds of electric kettle, don't know which filter kettle manufacturer production better. Household filter kettle manufacturers have? Filter kettle and how to choose and buy? Here the author to introduce for you. one What QUEENSENSE household filter kettle manufacturer. Electric appliance co. , LTD is a research and development of the first double deck glass filter kettle, and in China, Germany, Taiwan, South Korea and other places to obtain the patent for utility model. And with strong research and development capabilities, excellent quality, reasonable price, good reputation and perfect after-sales service day by day, get consistent high praise. two How to choose and buy filter 1 kettle. Selecting filter kettle, stainless steel electric kettle with 304 logo. According to authoritative media, can according to the electric kettle wall judging whether there is a '304' on the filter of the kettle stainless steel material is safe. Be healthy, be about to choose stainless steel filter kettle has 304 logo. What is the 304 stainless steel? 304 stainless steel is a kind of common stainless steel material, density of 7. 18/8 93 g/cm3, also called stainless steel. 2. When filter kettle of choose and buy, only according to the choose and buy filters by setting the safety performance of the kettle is not enough. , in fact, it is necessary to consider other safety performance, rather than just 304 stainless steel. 304 stainless steel material can solve the problem of water security. Filter kettle boil water security problem also nots allow to ignore, problems caused by power leakage and get an electric shock, caused by excessive boiling carcinogens, caused by the lack of measures to prevent scald burn. 。 。 These are threatening our safety! 3. Choosing an electric kettle, choose rest assured brand, quality service is well-known. For filter kettle manufacturer, 304 stainless steel drinking benefits and safety of high borosilicate glass materials is well known in the industry. However, use it as the manufacturer of the filter material of the kettle is not much however, reason is for cost reasons. When buying household electric kettle, don't know which manufacturer and brand filter kettle is good, and how to choose and buy, you can refer to the above articles, if you want to know more information filter kettle, please continue to pay attention.
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