What is a good brand of filter kettle, choose skills have

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-05
There are many kinds and brands on the market of filter kettle. At the same time, an electric kettle is divided into plastic filter kettle and stainless steel filter bottle and glass filter kettle products, etc. , when consumer is buying filter kettle, how to find a good place to buy filter kettle? Tell everyone filter kettle time choose skills below: what brand of filter kettle? — — QUEENSENSE filter selection techniques of the kettle 1, buy heat preservation heat kettle, attention should be paid to its temperature control is sensitive, hot water supply switch is flexible, sealed performance is good, and so on. Can try a few times more, see switch flexibility. 2, with air pressure water supply of the vacuum flask, its water supply device should be flexible, outer cover, inside cover, the tank should be convenient disassembly, sealed well. 3, check the electric kettle heater, connected to the kettle body is strong, the power connector is connected to the kettle body is loose or leakage. It remains to be seen whether the filters on the nameplate of the kettle indicate the origin, specifications, trademarks, parameters and so on. 4, considering the capacity of the kettle. Family use should choose smaller, office or should choose the larger capacity in public places. Capacity and power is proportional to the power consumption of the kettle, should choose to compare the fitting for the filter kettle products, in order to avoid waste.
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