What is the difference between curing pot and filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Filter is a kind of common kettle boil water appliances, heating water to certain temperature can be automatically and electricity is very convenient, and after the filter kettle has spawned new products: keeping in good health. What is the difference between curing pot and filter kettle? Filter material is usually stainless steel kettle, iron, aluminum, plastic, etc. , these substances if not food grade to produce harmful substances to human body. And curing pot is usually made of glass materials, in the process of burning glass material containing no organic chemicals, so people call this kind of filter for curing pot kettle. Glass curing pot is at high temperature the electrothermal film electronic paste onto the glass surface and form planar resistor, at both ends to make silver electrode, electricity and heat, to heating in POTS of water. In addition to the boiled water, curing pot can also be used to cook tea, cook some Chinese herbal medicine, because the bottom of the pot is made of high borosilicate glass, transparent appearance, is a kind of material consumer favorite. Compared with ordinary filter kettle, the power of resistance wire is bigger, the water faster. In curing pot industry product and the role of nonconforming product is polarized, fish dragon hybrid product easy to damage the interests of consumers and health. Health pot material directly determines its good or bad. Materials can have a good product, taste, health cooked scented tea and rich nutrition. However, inferior products not only preserve one's health effect, still harm to human health. Inferior material contains many trace elements, some of these trace elements will cause harm to people.
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