What is the difference between filter and electric kettle water bottle? Factory direct sale

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
Commonly used in daily life, in addition to water dispensers, water and filter kettle, electric water bottles. When buying a filter kettle, many friends will find it hard to choose, then follow the pace of the author to buy suits own water heating appliance. What is the difference between filter and hot water kettle? 1. Filter the kettle on the market of electric kettle generally according to the shell material is divided into plastic electric kettle or stainless steel electric kettle. Plastic filter shell kettle, generally USES the food grade PP material, the inner is made of stainless steel tank, don't worry about the release of toxic substances. It has small volume, light weight, easy to clean, color and diverse styles, price concessions. The stainless steel electric kettle with rugged enclosure to win. 2. , the electric heating water bottles is a heat preservation function of small household electrical appliances, using steam intelligent induction control, overheating protection, when the water boils, the power, prevent dry heating power. Filter kettle function is introduced: (1) heat fast, good insulation. The filter is made of high quality kettle thermostat as key components. This unique steam pipe temperature control, ensure sufficient boiling water, after boiling extrusion can be completely sterilization by steam. Also has temperature adjustment function, can be in 35 ℃ to 90 ℃ between adjusted, and satisfy the powdered milk, honey, tea, coffee and other requirements. (2) filter is strong, rest assured to drink. Drinking water to health is everyone's consensus. In order to filter, electric water bottles will be in an outlet is equipped with multiple filters. , when the water to join the chloride and then boil, can purify water more efficiently. (3) the function is all ready. The electric bottle available in the market has many functions, filter kettle, lighting control, energy saving, a key dechlorination, shut down after water, cover can unpick and wash, prevent dry, child safety locks, three layers of insulation, and other functions. There are 5 l large capacity, can meet the daily needs of the family. Say so many, questions about the filter and hot water kettle which is better, believe that everyone has their own answers. Basically see everybody's needs and requirements. For family, complete functions, large capacity filter kettle is a good choice.
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